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Get the most out of this Demo

So you get the most out of this preview of PHP Login, please work your way through this demo, it will give you a great insight into what we do best here at Jigowatt.

Login Credentials

For demonstration purposes we have setup 3 users, one to test each of the standard User Levels.

Log in as User

Username: user
Password: user

Log in as Special

Username: special
Password: special

Log in as Admin

Username: admin
Password: admin

Access admin panel and protected pages

Use the buttons below to access the various areas of the log in script. To visit the protected pages you will need to be logged in at certain levels.

AdminProtected (admin only)Protected 2 (special user or admin)Protected 3 (standard user)

Register Yourself

If you register, you will be assigned the user level 'user' meaning you can view the 3rd protected page but no others. When logged in as an admin you can change the user level of each member individually.

Register as a User